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The Gift of Christmas can be seen in so many different ways.  Christmas lights have always been my thing.  I remember as a child we would always go for a ride on Christmas Eve to see the lights then we would come home and Santa had come.  We always had a big Christmas Eve with 4 parents and 7 kids, it was never dull.  Guess it is so often these childhood memories made up what we do today in our lives and how we carry on our traditions.

This year has been a trying one for all of us especially not having our family and friends close.  One thing I have learned is that every moment is special and life is short.  Make the most out of each moment God gives us.

This year has been much like when you are a soldier in a fox hole wondering when will you get out and get out safely and alive.  We have all learned to do things differently to survive.

Quilts of Honor still brings joy to each veteran we have managed to award quilts to this year.  Our Presentations have been smaller and we have mailed over 200 Quilts out of Headquarters.  We are surviving and I always say we bring the joy of Christmas all year by giving.  I’m so proud of the Chapters that have made masks and kept on quilting through all this.  It shows what a heart Quilts of Honor has wherever we reside.

Know that we miss each one of you and we pray for the day we can all quilt together.  Sending blessings to all your families.  May you all stay safe and that 2021 will be better for all of us.

Also, say an extra prayer for the veterans that are having such a hard time in this isolation.  It will mean a lot.

Happy Holidays,

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