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We ended our year on a good note with much help on December 30th with volunteers coming to the Shop to work and volunteers turning in their tops.  You will find pretty quilt tops that were turned in during our last week.  We had a good group, Ginny, Carol, Lynne, Sue and Flo.  Ginny surprised us with a “crum a cockas” – go ahead and try to say it.  They are Swedish.  I called them cocka doodles cuz I couldn’t remember how to say them but they sure were good.  We all got a kick out of pronouncing them.  We do have a laugh now and then at the shop.

Even though this year was trying for all of us, we concurred with whatever we needed to do.  When the Old Guard at Arlington needed masks Flo, Carol and Cathy stepped up and got 130 masks made and out in a week so that they would arrive before Christmas.  Little things like this is what makes Quilts of Honor special.  We try to do our best no matter what it is.

This year we sent out what we call our Non-Event Fundraiser to many of our donors as COVID has made fundraising near impossible.  I’m blessed to report that we received numerous blessings and it showed how many believe in what we do.

In all this COVID we managed to mail close to 400 Quilts to veterans and make and donate 1,000’s of masks.  I don’t know how all of you feel but QOH has made life good through this COVID.  I am thankful that I could still do what is important – honoring our veterans.

We ended our year on the 31st with a Board meeting via Zoom.  Rita accomplished this fete as we are not the best “techy” people – we are quilters.  The Quilt tops that were turned in this year were really great.  The ladies and gents put in extra work and it shows.  So thankful to have such talented quilters.  Thank you all for making them this year.

As I close I want you all to know that I pray for each one of you to stay healthy and that someday we will meet again.

God’s Blessings and may 2021 be better for all.


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