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So often we are asked, can you award a quilt for so many different reasons.  We have qualifications and we have done that because we just can’t keep up with the demand.  When we started Quilts of Honor it was always important that we reach our Wounded with PTSD as it is silent in so many.  If our quilts can bring them peace and healing and we are reaching them especially during COVID, we have done good.

The telephone rings one night and it is a LTC (Colonel) from the California National Guard.  She tells me that she had received a Quilt of Valor years ago and it meant a lot to her.  Then she said that she was working with the LA Coroner’s Office and troops have been deployed there and are in charge of carrying the bodies that have passed from COVID.  It has been overwhelming in the L.A. area of California and these troops are regular civilians and this isn’t anything they would be use to or trained for.  She said she had 22 guardsman and needed another 25.  I said, “Ma’am, you came to the right place.  I totally understand.  I am a bugler from the Vietnam era and there are many things I’ve never forgotten after 50 years.  I applaud you for thinking about your troops.”  So with the help of many, we got 22 quilts ready and 1LT Han was sent to pick up the quilts.  We gave 1LT Han our 5-cent tour all the while he was videoing us.  I even demonstrated how to award the quilt.  Right before the Lieutenant left we awarded him his quilt.  He was so thankful.  He explained to us how the Guard is now having to go out for fires, riots, and now bodies, so there are many kinds of Hero’s and I am so thankful we got to make them feel better

Here are a few of the LTC words after the troops received their quilts:  Absolutely incredible; we seriously cried; they are beautiful; the stitching is amazing; we can’t begin to thank you; it is an amazing morale booster.  Some of our troops have problems with the hotel’s having white sheets because the hospitals wrap the deceased in white sheets.  Now they have a quilt to put on the white bedcover.  It’s incredible and we are gob smacked amazing; humbling.  Thank you, LTC Farnham

Ladies and Gents, this is why we do it.  Be proud you all had a hand in helping these troops.  LTC has asked for an additional 30 quilts which we will provide in the next couple of weeks.

So, it’s been a busy, exciting January 2021.  We also are thankful to have gotten our first COVID shot.  Hard to believe we get excited about shots but lord we hope this gets our lives back to somewhat normal.

God’s blessings

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