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We began our day with Jeanine’s Dutch pancake for breakfast.  It is big, beautiful in the pan, and delicious.  We have been spoiled every morning and night.  After our breakfast we headed out to Ft. Myer to meet Cpt. Sammis for our second round of Sentinels.  We actually got to Ft. Myer and to the main gate without getting lost which was a miracle.  We got into our Government van but this time Jeanine lent us a stool so we didn’t have to go airborne getting in and out.

We got to the Tomb and were escorted to the Press Box so we could see the changing of the guard up close.  It was humid and hot but I thought to myself, think about the Guards that were out in the heat performing their duties.  When the changing was finished we went down into the Tomb to start awarding to those on guard.  SFC Chelsea escorted us as she is the leader of the Guard.  Gotta tell you, she loved teasing these Guards.  She called, or should I say used her command voice, and yelled Guard’s name and told them they had 30 seconds to get on the mat.  When she yelled you should have seen the QOH faces.  Rick and I thought we were back on duty.  The Guard flew out of the back room, Chelsea smiled and said Gail.  We did that at least twice so I think she was loving us presenting.  The ones you see in the pictures in uniform had just come off their walk.  They were soaking wet from the heat but boy did their faces light up.  We gave out another 8 quilts and got to see how they prepped before they went on their walk and how they knew when to start their walk.  You will see a picture of a window, when a shadow comes across that window the next guard starts.  It is so amazing to watch all the ceremony and dedication these soldiers have and what they have to do to be the best.

When we finished at the Tomb, we thanked Cpt. Sammis for taking us around.  We sat in the parking lot, ate our sandwiches in the car in the AC.

We started home and boy did we take a couple of detours.  We decided I wasn’t making U-turns, we were making block U-turns.  We did get to see a lot of Alexandria.  We came home to relax and regroup before we had to select all the quilts for the Women’s Memorial.  If you have ever been involved with the selection, QOH wants to know about the veteran.  That is how we pick the right quilt for them.  It took us until after midnight before we finished everything.  We had one tired Crew.

Every time we do this we learn a lesson we hope we don’t repeat but it will all work out.  I will say we have the best Crew.  They dive in and make it work and support is here 24/7.  I am proud of this Crew and how they represent for Quilts of Honor and how hard they work.  They are the best.

We are off to setup for tomorrow so check back for our next adventure.

Happy Birthday to Flo today.

God’s blessings



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