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Yesterday we did a little touring.  Willene wanted to see the White House so we drove downtown, got lucky and found a handicap parking spot right in front of the Veteran Affairs Building.  We only had to walk about two blocks to see it.  It was all blocked off with many, many barriers.  You can’t go through unless you have a pass.

We decided to go see the National Basilica Catholic Church, one of the largest in the United States.  Also, it was air conditioned.  After touring that we dropped my WAC sisters back at their hotel and headed back to our mansion.  Jeanine was cooking Italian food so we got our quilts ready.  Carla was coming by for 13 quilts and AnnMarie was coming by for 4 quilts.  We got to spend a little time sitting out on the veranda front porch as evening was cooler.  We visited with AnnMarie and Tiffany and talked about how the event went.  They both worked so hard to make their Art show nice.  They did a tremendous amount of work and more people should see it.  Carla got there in time for homemade Italian cookies and ice cream.  We have made such great friends here and we are thankful they will become part of our team.  We called it an early night as we had to get up at 3:00am to get to the airport and drop off people and luggage.  We were packed in the car so we dropped off the girls and Rick and I went to turn in the rental – another experience.

We couldn’t get into the rental lot as they had gates up.  There were cars lined up and all empty so we parked our car just like them and headed inside the parking garage.  We couldn’t figure out how to get out of the garage.  No one was around – it was like a ghost garage.  We finally found the elevator and people movers but they weren’t moving so we had to walk.  Then we got to the moving stairs that weren’t moving either.  We must have walked 50 stairs.  We were tired by the time we got to the ticket counter.  We finally made it, left DC enroute to Houston.  In Houston we had 30 minutes between flights and yes, we came in gate 46 and had to go to gate 22.  We all were moving and finally got on our plane.

We had a great trip.  Jeanine and Carl are such special people to us.  They always make sure we are comfortable, and that Jeanine is a cook.  Carl was happy Rick could shoot pool but didn’t like that Rick could get the 4ball in before him.  They let all our friends come visit and fed them, too.  Jeanine filled our pie plate with Italian cookies so I would say they spoiled us.  We love them and could never thank them enough.  When we say goodbye I always say we are like a bad penny, always showing up.

We gave over 70 quilts and made a lot of great memories and honored some special people.

God’s blessings


Headed Home


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