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Long First Day

We worked on quilts most of the morning getting ready for the week.  We took over Carl and Jeannine’s house – quilts from one end to the other.  We had a great frittata that Jeannine had made for breakfast.  By the time we finished it was time to drive into DC for practice at the WWI Memorial.

We learned much of the history about the Memorial from Jari.  We practiced for tomorrow and I met a female veteran from the Air Force who came from Houston TX, another lady from PA and a lady from New York.  There were about 20 of us but we are going to have 75 plus tomorrow.  It is going to be 48 degrees in the morning so might be more entertaining with Flo and Deb trying not to freeze while I play.

After practice we headed back to our “Mansion” where we had homemade lasagna.  We got a special fruit cake for dessert from our favorite bakery.  We wanted to spoil Carl as he is leaving tomorrow to work with his Nonprofit building and repairing damaged homes from storms where people have no home insurance.

So, a busy day.  Don’t forget to set your clocks back.  We are so confused with all the time changes.  Wonder if we will know what day it is.

Stay tuned . . . . . . We will be back.

God’s blessings


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Here we go again, on another adventure.  Our travels didn’t start at ‘0-dark-thirty” but they sure ended at “0-dark-thirty”. 

On this trip are Flo, Debbie and myself.  Here we are, three old ladies.  Debbie had shoulder surgery not too long ago and was wearing her brace.  I had my knee braces on and Flo is in the middle seat.  What a site.  You know there is no room in-between the seat in front of you.  We have 3 backpacks and 2 snack bags so we are smashed in the row like sardines.  We could hardly reach to get our snacks that we for sure weren’t going to leave at home.  We had to wear our masks so we couldn’t hear a darn thing either.

I look over at Flo in the middle seat and she is pawing at the floor with her foot.  I said, “what are you doing?”  Debbie had dropped her special Southwest snack on the floor.  Debbie can’t move because she is bound up in her arm sling and Flo has started laughing.  I unbuckled my seat belt, leaned across Flo and saved the crackers.  Boy, if someone had had a video, we might have made some money.

We got our rental car before midnight and then we were off to bed.  The moral to this adventure, don’t drop your crackers with three old crippled ladies.

I would like to take this moment to thank all of you who attended Donna Cashman’s funeral.  It is never easy to lose those we love and we felt so bad that we couldn’t be there to support the Cashman family, Betty, Delphia, Ginnie and Marty.  Donna will always be in our hearts.

God’s blessings


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