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We enjoyed going to Colonial Williamsburg today.  It is so different from anything we have seen.  We got to see a musket fired – that was exciting.  We walked the streets but it was huge and we couldn’t see it all.  The walkways were cobbled bricks which made it hard on our legs walking.  It was so beautiful.  The trees were turning colors and it was 70 degrees and you all were having rain and cold.

We left the colonial area and stopped at the biggest outlet mall we had ever seen.  We had to wear masks in most stores unless you were vaccinated.  So we often had our masks hanging around our arms in case we needed them.  We were in the Columbia store when we asked Flo where her mask was.  She said she had it when she came in so Debbie and I started tracing everywhere Flo had been.  If you have ever been shopping with Flo, that means all over the store.  We couldn’t find the mask anywhere and Deb remembered that Flo had been trying on jackets so Deb digs in the sleeve and there was the mask.  Flo says, “Oh no, now I am going to make the blog.”  I said, “Yup.”  Flo does keep us laughing.

We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch/dinner and you can see the Pot Pie Debbie had – it was huge.  Cracker Barrel never lets us down.

We stopped in Fredericksburg to see the old town, walked a little, and then headed home back to Alexandria.  We did do a drive-by to pick up Alexandria cupcakes.  The streets were so busy that I had to drop Debbie and Flo off to get the cupcakes and drive around the block.  When I came back around to pick them up they said an old man had been trying to pick them up.  They were cracking up.

We had a great day.  We are tired but much to do the next couple of days.  Happy Veterans Day 11Nov2021 to all my brothers and sisters.

Stay tuned . . . . .. . .

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