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Veterans Day in DC

Today was Veterans Day in a different city than Quilts of Honor is used to – What a Day!

We got to start our day with Jeannine cooking us a Dutch Baby, it was yummy.  We than began getting our quilts ready.  It took all four of us – we looked like a sewing factory.  I even got Debbie to sew on labels and Jeannine quality controlling the quilts.  Flo was organizing, so what a crew.  We broke at 11:00am so I could play taps for the Tribute for Taps for Veterans on the front porch of the mansion.  That was pretty cool.  Then we had lunch – check it out in the picture.  I got spoiled today as it was Veterans Day.

We got dressed for our event with Uniting Us at the Honfleur Gallery.  Parking was a trip around and around and around the block and finally we got right in front with AnnMarie throwing her body in front of the space.  It was a great show and the work our veterans are doing is amazing.

We began the show and AnnMarie (United Us) gave us first up.  We gave our first quilt to a Marine who was a piano player at one time in a band.  He stayed late not knowing why but after he got his quilt he said it was so worth it.  The next two quilts were to a father, Vietnam veteran and his son, Operation Enduring Freedom veteran.  Both were surprised by their quilts.  Then came Sue, a Navy veteran who cred and said she was going to shoot her friend who had got her there but she was so honored.  Then came April, my Army sister who I had the pleasure of doing my story with in August.  I loved how surprised she was and that quilt was made for her.  I got a big hug, too.  The last was a Vietnam veteran who ran the Gallery.  He was so chocked up.  He said we can come back next year right here and do a show in the Gallery.  I got a hug from him, too.

So, what a night.  If the color isn’t right on the quilt pictures it is because they had red lighting.

We enjoyed our evening and had a great time at the event.  We met a few of the ladies we had given quilts to in August and they all were thanking us and telling us how much they loved their quilts.  We ended our evening at Union Street Grill for dinner and Pop’s Ice Cream and yes, Ginny, 3 times this week but it was veterans’ week.

Jan posted my taps on FaceBook to all my veteran brothers and sisters – we never forget you.

Stay tuned . . . . . . . .

God’s blessings,




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