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We began our day at “O-dark-thirty” and drove to Ft. Myer.  We had to get a pass and this time they took our picture.  Debbie had hers and they took mine.  We both looked like criminals.  We drove through the Base to the back gate of Arlington so we could get to the Sentinel Tomb.  There was at least 6 roads closed.  I did more than enough U-turns and we finally got there by me going the wrong way to a handicap parking place.  We went to the Dayroom of the Sentinels, met Carla, and the room was full.  Carla got Lt. Katz to come out and he was still dressing for his walk.  We presented his quilt and you could see he was proud.  He kept saying thank you.  We all then went outside and onto the steps of the Tomb.

We had worn our raincoats and we were thankful for that because it came down pretty good.  Lt. Katz, his mom and dad, had no raincoats.  It was a very moving ceremony.  Lt. Katz laid a rose at each Tomb you will see in the pictures.  When his walk was complete, we heard taps then we went into the Chapel Tomb Sentinel Museum.  This was the first time for us to go into the Tomb Museum.  It is used for their promotion ceremonies and for dignitaries to visit so we felt pretty special and we had all these Sentinel Guards standing all over the place.  We got to see our Quilt which is temporarily put in the glass case.

Carla introduced us to so many people.  I got to stand by the Bugle that was played in 1921.  When we left there we took Carla back to her worksite.  We were driving through the cemetery, got to the back gate, and there stands the US Army Band called ”Pershings Own”.  The guard tells me that it might be a while as they were going to play for a funeral.  I said, “Ma’am, I am an Army Band veteran so I will enjoy this.”  We opened the windows, turned our videos on and I loved it.  We were given a special treat.  We decided to head back to the mansion and get our box ready to ship.  So we headed to Annapolis to have lunch and look around.  We didn’t have much time but we did enjoy it.  We got back in time to have apple crisp that Jeannine made.  We are going to miss being spoiled.

We fly out in the morning.  This has been another trip of a lifetime.  It will inspire us to design and quilt more after all that we have seen this week.  Quilts of Honor is very much loved here.  We will be back next summer.

Thank you to all at home who took care of the folks and our dogs and held the shop together.  Love you all.

God’s blessings,


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