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Some people were asking why were we going to Nebraska – nothing there and it is cold.  Well, Nebraska has been in our family roots for many years.  My mom was born here.  We often came here for vacations while growing up.  We have family here for many years, now mostly cousins.  Mom’s cousins came for her birthday in August 2021 and Percy came so they told us to come to his 90th birthday so, since we knew it would be hard for mom and dad and we wanted to send someone from the family, Flo and I volunteered.  I also wanted to present Alan his quilt.

Now the funny part, I asked our Nebraska family what the weather would be like.  They said not to worry, it doesn’t snow that early.  We landed in Omaha at 4:45pm on Friday evening.  It was mighty cold!  After we checked into our hotel, we went for dinner at the Old Mattress Bar and Grill to get a bite.  Boy, we had ½ a hamburger, the absolute best, and we came out to the car and snow was falling.  We woke up to snow pretty much everywhere.  Flo had never been in snow and Rue not so much.  Rue was like what is this I have to pee in?  I let Flo scrape the window off and then walking in the ice was real fun.

We drove 3 hours to Elgin, Nebraska for a party and thank god for All Wheel Drive.  Some of the backroads they don’t plow.  We saw this awesome barn with a quilt block on it but we couldn’t stop.  I told Flo I didn’t think I should do a U-turn in the snow – it might not be good.

Snow is still here.  It didn’t melt like they all said.  We are staying in a place called one-stop-shop.  It has food, gas, and hotel.  We had to sign our life away to get a room and we are the only ones staying here.  The first room heater didn’t work so they moved us.  The second room we took a bath/shower at the same time as the tub wouldn’t drain.  I took Rue out for bathroom and she did her duty, turned around and ran to the door and shoved it open, she was so cold.  I had to laugh at her.

We have had some adventures.  We met great people and celebrated Percy and got to award a quilt.  We even ran into a lady who we had given a quilt to her dad in 2015.  We mailed to Lincoln, Nebraska.  She said that was the most treasured gift he ever received.  He now has passed and the quilt went to his grandson who is an Army Green Beret.  The lady was raised in Elgin, Nebraska and was just passing through this weekend, brought her mother-in-law to the party, found out about us, and just wanted to meet us.  Everywhere we go we are Quilts of Honor even though we came for family.  These quilts are all over the United States and so amazing to hear stories of the quilts.

We will tour a little tomorrow and head back to Omaha to catch our plane out Monday morning.

Love to our Nebraska family.

God’s blessings


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