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Nebraska Is Special

We had a very good time even with snow and 27 degrees.  We spent Sunday seeing a few things we wanted to see around Elgin, Nebraska.  We first went to Percy’s, our cousin, to see the farm.  He and his son, Ray, farm soy beans and corn.  We took a picture of the Ranger hot rod Percy (90 years young) rides around the farm.  I would love one of those, so would Rue.  Then off to the farm shop.  Lordy, those John Deere Tractors were huge.  Flo stood next to one and she looked like a midget.  Connie, my cousin, and Flo decided to get in one.  I wish I would have taken a video of them trying to get up the steps into it.  I almost had to shove Flo up from the behind.  They finally made it and you can see the picture of them both.  I think it was their bucket list.  They had two old tractors from day one that used to run on propane  There was some pretty cool old stuff in that shop.  It’s a good thing we weren’t driving home to California.  They heated the shop with some special heater that used oil.  When neighbors changed oil in their cars, they gave to the shop – pretty smart.  We especially thought the bottle of black velvet kept the workers going in the shop.  We walked around the property and saw an old Ford truck, old as the hills, and the one barn was really Percy’s old schoolhouse he relocated to his property.  Rue ran around in the snow as she was a little more used to it.  Lots of memories there.

We stopped at the cemetery to see those who have went before us and I loved that they had a windmill and flag standing right in center.  We left Percy’s, said goodbye to cousin Connie and went to cousin Ray’s to see his farm two miles down the road.  Ray had the oldest barn and so cool looking.  Peggy, his wife, had 5 miniature donkeys so of course we had to check them out and the barn cat that was playing on the hay stack.  It was so great to spend some time with cousins and reconnect.  They were all so gracious to us.  Everywhere in Nebraska people are like that.  All the guys opened the doors for us at different stores and everyone said good morning just like America used to be.

We then decided to head to see our friend, Deb, who works in Aurora, Nebraska t the Edgerton Explorit Center.  That place was amazing.  It is a science center for kids and had so many things for them to do.  They bring buses of school kids and teach them about science.  Deb started a program about birds and has three she takes to schools and shows them.  We got to go in the cages and see the birds up close.  We even petted the screech owl and the feathers were so soft.  The Swanson Hawk was so cool and dignified.  Deb is very brave to have tamed them.  They have broken wings and can’t be out on their own now.  We also stood in front of that Ferris wheel that Joe built in a week.  I would have been insane in a day with all those parts.  We highly recommend, if you are ever in this area of Nebraska, you go to this special place.  We decided to have lunch with Deb so she too us to Runza, only in Nebraska, to eat and you know they eat chili with cinnamon rolls – I know sounds weird.  We ate a Runza – it was hamburger, cabbage and cheese in a special bread – was pretty good.

So, what a day and then we drove back to Omaha for our flight out.  Did you know speed limit on HWY 80 was 75 mph?  That was fun in windy Nebraska.  We will be back in the spring to meet our Nebraska Chapter and yes, we found more deserving veterans.  So another great adventure.

We are on our flight home hoping the storm in California hasn’t done any damage.  Stay tuned for what’s up next . . . . . . . . . .

God’s blessings


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