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Merry Christmas

This time of the year always brings memories of Christmas past.  Just recently we had a trip to Nebraska and saw an antenna with a red light on top.  Flo asked what it was and I told her when we were kids we all went out to my Aunt June’s house on Christmas Eve and waited for Santa Clause.  They would put us in the bedroom and there was one of those antennas down the road with a red light.  Our folks would tell us that it was Rudolph.  Of course we believed them.  Then, we would hear outside the door, Ho Ho Ho, and a bunch of noise.  Our folks would tell us to come and see that Santa had come, and out we would come to see presents.

I also remember all my Christmases when I was in the Army.  The first one I came home in my uniform into the San Francisco Airport, not a good thing in 1969, but seeing my family was Christmas.  Being away from home, especially when you are many miles away, makes you more homesick.  We all would play Christmas music wanting to go home for Christmas.  We were lucky that our Unit usually got two weeks leave but not those who were deployed to Vietnam.  Even today I know there are many veterans with their memories of Christmas while serving.  My thoughts go to those who are serving today and pray they all come home safe.

I am thankful and grateful we all at Quilts of Honor get to give a little of Christmas every time we give a quilt.  We often are told you need to pay it forward.  Well, we do that in so many ways.  Every volunteer for Quilts of Honor has a giving heart.  The hours so many put in to complete our mission is so honorable and I am proud of each one of you who help us to continue our mission.  It takes a Village.

May you all have a Blessed Christmas


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