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Well, we didn’t let any grass grow under our feet as we started a new year.  On January 4, 2022 we presented our first in-person quilt presentation at the San Joaquin Building Trades Counil.  I spoke then presented a quilt to a very deserving OIF Army Veteran.  It was so great to see all of his workers stand and applaud him.  He turned to all of them and that this was such an honor to receive and he would one day be handing it down to his son.  He was fighting back tears.  Nick has helped start a group called Helmets to Hardhats for veterans so I bet this won’t be the last we see of Nick.  We also want to thank San Joaquin Building Trades Council for coming to our Crab Feed and supporting us.

On January 11, 2022 we attended the Linden Lions Club where I spoke and awarded their president and 2 tour OEF veteran a quilt.  Kurt is also Fire Chief in Linden.  He told us how we had mailed a quilt to his father in another state and his dad treasured that quilt.  Kurt’s voice then started to crack as his dad had recently passed and would be buried in a national cemetery.  Kurt said, “I get what these quilts mean.”

On January 15, 2022 we held our Crab Feed, one of our big fundraisers and, no, I didn’t eat crab.  We also serve Trip Tip but they did have nerve to set a tray full of crab right in front of me.  Needless to say I was gone out of that seat in minutes.  We had a pretty good turnout considering we are still in COVID.  We started with the Pledge of Allegiance, then I had my adopted sis, Jeannene and Jeanie come up to the stage and we all sang God Bless America.  It was so cool, just like we had rehearsed it even though we hadn’t.  We then called up 5 veterans we had gotten to our event with no knowledge of receiving a quilt.  One veteran, Dennis, a Vietnam veteran had heard about the crab feed and came.  I had secretly gotten his name and called him up.  When I gave him his quilt he had big tears.  Our young veteran, an OIF Marine, came with his fiancé, one of our generous donors had given them tickets so he had no idea he was going to receive a quilt.  Two of our veterans were from Valley Springs and if finally worked out that I could surprise them.  After we finished with the guys, I called up Jenny, a female Coast Guard veteran, who came from Stockton for the crab feed.  We surprised her also and the best part – she is a quilter and wants to help us.

Soo n as we finished our awards we started the feed – salad, pasta, crab, and trip tip.  When the crab came down the table guess where they sat the tub of crab – right in front of me, the person that doesn’t eat fish and did I tell you crab stinks?  It wasn’t seconds before I was out of that chair.  The table seemed to think that it was pretty funny.

We had a dessert auction that was a killer.  Gary, our local supervisor got $260 for Mo’s cake that the girls bought for me as a surprise.  It is all red, white and blue.  We are all going to enjoy it in February.  Debbie’s famous Harvey Wallbanger cake made over $200.  It was an awesome dessert auction.  The bar was so busy Andy and Jeannene hardly got a break.  Then Ruthie, one of our volunteers played the 50/50 game and the winner got $680.  Boy, was he a happy camper. We ended the evening with a raffle of over 30 plus gifts that Willene and Jan had made look spectacular.

The work it takes to put one of these on is unbelievable.  So many of our volunteers helped us and I can’t thank you enough, every one of you that came a distance to attend and volunteer to help.  We have a great team and that is why we do such great events.  You all put your heart into it just like you do for the quilts you make for our veterans.

So far, January 2022 has started with a bang.  May the year continue.

God’s blessings,


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