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Boy, did we have the best day.  We started at 7:30am from Omaha with my cousin Sue driving and me being the copilot.  We knew that it was Sandhill Crane migration and Sue was game to drive any back road to make sure we could see these birds.  We stopped at Crane Trust outside of Grand Island and they had beautiful buildings explaining all about the birds.  When we got to that area it was very windy and cold, real different from yesterday but as you drive south it gets colder.  Sue drove us down so many back roads I know we are related.  We followed those birds all over.  I had my camera but not my big lens.  I still had a great time trying to get pictures of the birds.  I sold jump out of the car the win almost knocking me over and freezing wind just to get a shot.  Sue and Flo were my spotters.  We all really loved seeing the birds.  We stopped for lunch at Runza – we love that place only in Nebraska.

We got to Holdrege just before 2pm. The gathering was to be held at the Nebraska Prairie Museum. I can’t say enough about that Museum. It was spotless and so many different exhibits and collections. We didn’t have enough time to see it all. The Nebraska Chapter has some of their presentations in the Military room which I took pictures for you to see. We were met by the Kansas group leaders, Judy and Sandy, and the Nebraska group leaders, Alice and Janet. It was so great to meet the ladies and put faces with the names. They had homemade cookies and coffee and they were homemade yummy cookies. We took pictures together and enjoyed each other’s company. Alice gave us a tour of the Museum and then when we finished, we got checked into our rooms and off to dinner with Alice, Janet and Marilyn at the Blue Vine. We had a great dinner. Thank you to the Nebraska group for dinner and great company.

After dinner Sue drove us around town so we could see many of the bronze statues throughout the city and the Veterans Memorial.  We saw so much of Nebraska today, not only the sights but the hearts of the people that live here.

We truly enjoyed our QOH Family in Nebraska and Kansas and hope to one day come back.  I may have to add to our stories later as I can’t think anymore.

Stay tuned . . . . . .

God’s blessings

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Nebraska Tour

We were slow going Sunday morning as we adjusted to new time and Daylight Saving Time.  Our first stop was Green Bean Coffee not knowing it supported troops and their families during OEF.  Kind of amazing of all the coffee places we end up there.  We then rode around just seeing what Bellevue Nebraska looked like.  At one time it was country outside the limits of Omaha.  Jim, our cousin, came and got us and babysat us until Sue, our cousin, got home.  He took us to the Holy Family Shrine which was amazing.  Made out of wood and glass.  What a story about this Shrine.  You can see it off of Interstate 80 – you build it and they will come.  The spiral sculpture has water that drips down into a small pond that runs down to the Shrine.  It is all pretty amazing to see.  Down the hillside are the Stations of the Cross.

We left there and headed to Offutt Air Force Base where Jim worked. Really nice Base.  At one time it used to be Ft. Crook Army Base so that’s why it was okay.  Jim also took us to Omaha’s new National Cemetery.  It is quite big and hardly busy like California’s.

Jim dropped us at the hotel se he could get Sue from the Airport.  She does BIG volleyball tournaments all over and had been in Denver.  They took us to the best Italian steak house.  You got baked potato and pasta with your steak.  We also had fried ravioli for the first time.  Leave it to Nebraska to have the best food.

Sue then took us to downtown Omaha to see the walking bridge between Nebraska and Iowa.  It was all lighted up in red.  Downtown had their trees lit up with white lights – it was beautiful.  We then went to Ted and Wally’s for homemade ice cream.  I mean they made ice cream like we all used too.  The line to get in the place was crazy but so worth it.  I thought of
Dad and Delphia – they would have loved the Ice Cream.

We can’t thank Jim and Sue for hauling us around showing us so much in a short time.  Monday we go see our QOH Family in Holdrege and our Philips County QOH family.  It is a long drive down Interstate 80 but I know we will be making stops.

My funny for today was we drove to this Fontenelle Forest where they have birds.  We drive up and Flo says, “Oh look, there are some right out front.”  We get out of the car, I have my Cannon Camera getting ready to shoot these birds and they are statues – not even real – and you know I laughed at Flo and she said she knew it was going in the Blog.  Can you believe no picture?  Never dull on our adventures.

Stay tuned . . . . . . .

God’s blessings

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