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What a time we had in four days in Nebraska.  Our last day was a full day, too.  We drove from Holdrege back to Omaha and got to see the sun rise over the prairie.  Always makes me thank God for his beauty.

We stopped at the Nebraska crossings as we still haven’t gotten all this luggage mess right and cousin Sue got us straightened out.  She travels for her volleyball and has it figured out.  We can’t thank her enough for driving us everywhere, showing us the sights, and explaining so much more about Nebraska.

We gave out our three quilts during our last day, got to tour St. Matthew’s Catholic Church that our cousins attend.  This church was built in the last 5 years – it is beautiful.  We spent a little time sitting on the front porch at Sue’s.  The weather was like a spring day and we even saw a red cardinal in the back yard.  Plus, we had ice cream at Calvers Custard – you know we were happy campers with that.

Our last night we headed to St. Matthew’s to attend Women Working for God meeting where I was to speak.  They had their business meeting then we had great homemade snacks. Sue introduced me and we both had decided to start a little different.  We called our veterans up one by one an awarded them their quilts.  We were awarding 4 women veterans and they had no idea of what we were doing.  The first was the President.  She told me after she had some idea but she was speechless after receiving her quilt.  The second said she couldn’t believe it was happening.  The third had tears in her eyes the minute I took her hand.  The last one, you can see her hand on her heart she was so taken and surprised.  What a blessing to give to these women veterans.  When I spoke I said that I am always honored to award to women as I know they are forgotten.  They asked if we could take pictures together which I feel is always an honor as I know they all sacrificed in different ways.  It was a great end to special days in Nebraska.

I loved being able to meet our Chapters in Nebraska and Kansas.  I think of how each one fits into our QOH family and I hope I can visit them again someday.  We loved the little town of Holdrege and the Nebraska Prairie Museum.  If you ever get a chance to see it, it is so worth the drive.  It was also great to spend time with Cousin Sue – Flo said we two are so much alike.  We are distant cousins but obviously some blood in there that makes us alike.  I am proud our families can still connect and Sue will now help us in Nebraska when needed.

Thank you to all that helped us to feel comfortable.  We love Nebraska.  Until next time . . . . . . .

God’s Blessings

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