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Here it is May 2022, Memorial Weekend, a tribute to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and those who have gone before us.  So many of our veterans today are suffering from their effects from service to our country and many have died from their complications from their service.  WE MUST REMEMBER THEM ALL.

Today I played Taps with “Taps Across America” to honor each and every one.  We also had a small ceremony at Jenny Lind Cemetery with my veteran brother, Lou.  We have always been there for each other, on Honor Guards and being there for other veterans.  I am thankful for that bond and love you Bro, you are a special giving veteran.

This past weekend we went to a fundraiser for Tahoe Timber Trails, a nonprofit who helps to maintain the Trail over Lake Tahoe.  We had made a special quilt for them to help with fundraising.  So many came by to say what an awesome quilt.  One couple walked up and said they even had a wall for the quilt.  As we started talking and they found out what we did, he said he was an Army veteran and their family came from a long line of military.  He told the story of his first born being born while he was stationed in Germany.  So off we went to get a quilt from the truck while Debbie asked the wife to just wait around.  We got the quilt ready, Flo grabbed our special pen to write on the label and we went back.  I walked up, tapped the veteran on his back and asked, “Do you have a minute?”  Then I took his hand and thanked him for his service and sacrifice to our country.  His wife grabbed her heart in surprise.  They both were so happy and I said that maybe this can go on the wall.  She replied that this is so much better.  This quilt means so much.  We were happy we could honor him.  All three of us, Flo, Debbie and myself were freezing and then it started to rain before we left.  Crazy weather in California.

We always manage to have excitement with Quilts of Honor and in our life.  Most of you don’t know I am fortunate to have both my parents, Dad Belmont 92 and Mom 90.  We all live on one property and Flo and I help take care of them.  Mom still comes in the shop ad pieces and Dad does Quality Control.  My brother Russ is on the QOH Boar and my Sister Diana has done quality control for years and joined us at events.  We are a small family but always stayed close and since Quilts of Honor, all are involved in helping, too.  My brother Russ is a Pastor and serves many and y sister Diana ran the Valley Springs POW WOW for years and volunteered in many organizations.  Diana, my younger, baby only blood sister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  As many of you know, it is a painful, fast cancer.  She was put in the hospital on Friday night ad with the grace of God and her friends helping, she made it through.  Flo and I went to go see her Sunday as they had just moved her out of ICU to a new room.  We drove up to the Hospital, got out of the truck and are figuring out how do we get into the hospital when a man yells out of his car window, “Ma’am you go to emergency.”  I walked closer to his car and saw his hat.  I said you’re a veteran and he said, Vietnam veteran, helicopter.  So I yelled at Flo to come over and thank the veteran while I went to the back of the truck for a quilt.  He got out of his car and we presented him with a quilt in the parking lot.

We finally drove around to the right door and went in to see Diana.  As we walked in she said, “You just gave a quilt to tat veteran.  I saw it and I told them that’s my sister giving a quilt.”  They had just moved her into a chair, first time she had sat up in three days.  Tell me how amazing it is that as sick as she is, God gave her that moment to be a part of QOH.

So often in life you don’t tell those close to you what they mean to you.  Diana Belmont Gigliotti, I love you.  You are a true sister.  You have always been a loving, kind, human.  I am proud to be your sister. 

Diana will be going on Hospice in the next few days.  We will get through whatever Gods plan is for our family but I felt you all should know that Diana has been a big part of Quilts of Honor.

We honor all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice on Memorial Day.

God’s blessings and May God be with Diana.

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