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Our morning was very quiet as we lost our other 4 roommates who had headed home.  We did get a little longer in bed but that doesn’t mean we got to sleep.  We started off going to Parcel Post to mail our sewing machines and quilts back home.  When we finished there we headed to Ft. Myer to get some uniform stuff I needed for Honor Guard.

We all had fun trying on my hats and which hat looked better.  We also got my brother, Lou, a shirt so us two veterans are ready now when we are called upon for last honors.  We left the Px and went to the gas station where gas was $4.79.  Wish we had that at home.  We then went to Ft. Myer to meet Carla, our Quilts of Honor Ambassador in the DC area.  We were escorted into the Commanders area where we waited until the Commander came in.  He had no idea we were going to give him a quilt.  He thought we were just coming to meet him.  When I pulled the pillowcase up he turned and looked at Carla and I said, “Sir, is Carla in trouble?”  He said “Yes.”  When I shook his hand he got big tears in his eyes.  We had him hold it out to show him.  He then asked if he could speak and he told us that these quilts were a bigger honor than getting a plaque or anything he got in the military.  He said when he had helped Carla with other presentations, in the back of his mind he hoped one day he would get one.  We then presented the Deputy Commander Combat Marine his quilt.  He said that people thank us for our service but I want to thank you all for being good Americans for what you do.  They then presented each of us with a coin from their Command and we took pictures with the Commander and Deputy Commander of Ft. Myer.  We were very honored to be able to be there and such an honor to meet these great heroes.

After, Carla gave us a tour of the headquarters building where we found out about so much history.  General Eisenhower used the building and once it was a hospital built in 1800’s.  Carla also took us to where Blackjacks grave was.  Blackjack took multi presidents to their resting place. We also got to see Carla’s office which was cool.  She rocks.  Thank you, Carla, for always looking out for us.

We left Ft. Myer and decided to drive to Mt. Vernon to have dinner.  That place is the best to eat at.  I got my fried green tomatoes – do you know I was happy.  We then went to visit with our 2nd family who will soon be moving.  We had to go by an ice cream shop on the way back to the house and found Woody’s – very interesting place but it doesn’t beat Pop’s, our favorite.

We are now packing as the next two days we are going to be tourists, we hope, so stay tuned . . . . . . . .

God’s blessings,


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