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Today we left our huge house with the leaking coffee pot, AC that had a mind of its own, smoke detectors that went off for no reason, a toilet seat in one bathroom that had only one screw on toilet.  You had to be careful you didn’t fall off.  The topper was the bathroom we used would lock you inside.  I got locked in 3 times and had to call on my cell to have someone get me out.  The towels were ripped and half the time, no hot water in one bathroom.  The light was hanging from the ceiling in the master bath.  The lights would also dim for no reason in the living area.  So we will be glad to leave there.

We are spending our next to last night at Jeanine and Carl’s, our second family.  We had a great dinner and homemade peach cobbler and great evening visiting.  We spent our day taking backroads to Culpeper, VA to Belmont Farms, a Distillery on the back roads of Virginia.  We had gone there in November 2021 and gave out a quilt and I knew there was another veteran that worked there so we took a ride.  They remembered us and we asked if the other veteran was there and they said they would get him here.  We decided to take a tour of the Distillery.  It was very interesting.  It is the oldest copper kettle distillery in the US.  They make moonshine and Tim, who we gave the quilt to, is a famous moonshiner.  Tim was pretty surprised to receive his quilt and you can see by his expression.  We went outside to take pictures with him and he asked if he could tell people about his quilt.  I told him to go for it.

Our most excitement of the day was when I missed a turn.  Debbie had said turn here, well I was past it before I could so I decide to take a short cut right next to it.  I turn onto gravel and it was uneven pavement.  So I’ll just say we flew on the road.  All of us went off our seats and Rita in the backseat was covered with duffels.  Of course we all started laughing like crazy.  Val said she thought we were on a rollercoaster.  Someone said they almost peed their pants.  I said. “Well, you are all awake now.”

We did have a nice peaceful day and gave a quilt out, too.  Stay tuned . . . .. . . .

God’s blessings

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