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We spent our last night in the DC area at Carl and Jeanine’s.  We woke up this morning and Jeanine made us the best breakfast we had all week.  We sat on the front porch drinking our coffee and I chased the cardinals with my camera but I didn’t catch them good enough.  I did get some great flower photos.  We had a special time with them both and we will miss our adventures on Southdown Road.

We headed to Baltimore as we will spend the night there closer to the airport – our flight leaves at 6:30 in the morning.  On our way the GPS said Ft. McHenry so I asked Flo to look it up and see what it was.  We found out that is where the Star-Spangled Banner was written when Francis Scott Keys saw the flag flying from a boat off Ft. McHenry.  So, off we went on a tour of the Fort.  The flag totally amazed me and I kept taking pictures hoping I would get the best shot.  We loved seeing the huge cannons and it had lots of tunnels.  The weather wasn’t bad either.  We got in free with Rick and my ID cards so we were happy.

When we finished there they decided they wanted Crab and I relented and said as long as there is a hamburger I am happy.  We drove down to downtown Baltimore to find Captain James Restaurant.  It is crazy streets through Baltimore and drivers are way rude.  We found the outside Captain James and thought cool breeze and look at the water.  So, in we go to the picnic tables and I see whole crabs, lots of them, going to tables.  I am thinking what did we get ourselves into.  Then the waitress comes and says they have no hamburgers – that did it.  She said go across the street to the Captain James inside restaurant.  You couldn’t get me out of there fast enough and yes, it smelled like fish.  Across the street I got my hamburger and they all got their fish.

We left there to head to our hotel, checked in and rested a little then at 7:00 pm we decided to go get desert – Crackle Barrel for peach cobbler right down the street.  We sit down and the waitress tells us they are out.  We get up and leave and decide we will go to McDonalds and get soft serve.  We drive down the street, go in and the ice cream machine is broke.  Back in the car again.  By this time Flo says maybe we aren’t supposed to have dessert.  I said, nope, we now have a mission to find ice cream.   They told us about a place called Ice Cream Cottage in Arbutus, about 8 miles back.  In the car we go, found this little place in I don’t know where.  We all got our ice cream and we were happy.  Then my bright idea – lets go backroads to the hotel instead of the freeway.  It was like a backroad from Deliverance.  The gang was like don’t get lost, they will never find us.  It was sure on the spooky side. We ended our night glad we got our ice cream and home safe – still Pops is the best ice cream.

We fly out very early in the morning.  Thanks for following us along on another QOH Adventure.  Stay tuned for more – you know we never rest.

God’s blessing

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