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Merry Christmas

This time of the year always brings memories of Christmas past.  Just recently we had a trip to Nebraska and saw an antenna with a red light on top.  Flo asked what it was and I told her when we were kids we all went out to my Aunt June’s house on Christmas Eve and waited for Santa Clause.  They would put us in the bedroom and there was one of those antennas down the road with a red light.  Our folks would tell us that it was Rudolph.  Of course we believed them.  Then, we would hear outside the door, Ho Ho Ho, and a bunch of noise.  Our folks would tell us to come and see that Santa had come, and out we would come to see presents.

I also remember all my Christmases when I was in the Army.  The first one I came home in my uniform into the San Francisco Airport, not a good thing in 1969, but seeing my family was Christmas.  Being away from home, especially when you are many miles away, makes you more homesick.  We all would play Christmas music wanting to go home for Christmas.  We were lucky that our Unit usually got two weeks leave but not those who were deployed to Vietnam.  Even today I know there are many veterans with their memories of Christmas while serving.  My thoughts go to those who are serving today and pray they all come home safe.

I am thankful and grateful we all at Quilts of Honor get to give a little of Christmas every time we give a quilt.  We often are told you need to pay it forward.  Well, we do that in so many ways.  Every volunteer for Quilts of Honor has a giving heart.  The hours so many put in to complete our mission is so honorable and I am proud of each one of you who help us to continue our mission.  It takes a Village.

May you all have a Blessed Christmas


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What a long, special day.  We started at 7am from home.  Debbie, Diana (my sister for those who don’t know her), Flo and me the driver, and Rue in the back seat.  We left early since you never know with traffic in the Bay Area and with 4 women you know there will be pit stops.  We had a nice ride and arrived early. It took us just a few minutes to decide to go shopping in downtown Santa Cruz.  We saw a shop that said Sock and Shoe Company and you know we went in there.  I’ve never seen so many socks, shoes and boots and yes, we came out with some.  When we finished there, we were right across the street from the Veterans Memorial building so we unloaded our bags and headed in.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, and we didn’t even need a jacket.  We couldn’t believe December 17th on the coast and no jacket.

We got there in plenty of time to prep our quilts and many of the veterans were already arriving.  They didn’t know why they were summoned.  We hid the quilts behind the curtains on the stage.  We started our ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance and Jim, USMC veteran and my Point of Contact for the group, introduced me so we could start.  Jim called the veterans up two at a time. Most of them took the quilt and looked at both sides.  One veteran kept showing the back and the crowd was yelling at him to turn it around – that was pretty funny.  We had pretty much each era of veterans and one female veteran, Lois, a Korean veteran, 94 years young and I mean this veteran you would never guessed at 94.  One of our last veterans was the youngest but had been, at one time, homeless and just recently became a dad and now has a full time job working at the veteran’s hall.  We did miss one Marine veteran and I presented on the floor of the Hall who was Commander of VFW for the past 6 years.  We had Santa Cruz Sentinel, Jessica, attend and take pictures and we made their paper December 17th before we got home.  That was pretty cool.

When we finished the ceremony, Jim took us to lunch at Café Marie Italian Food.  It was delicious and we enjoyed spending time with Jim.  We have worked together numerous times honoring veterans.  We finished our lunch and followed Jim to a Care Home where we could present Fran his quilt.  When we arrived we met some of the other veterans that came to support Fran and see him get his quilt.  It was so great to see the bond our veterans have for each other and how they love to share their quilts and the experience of receiving one.

We said goodbye to all and asked Jim for directions to the beach he said follow me take off at the exit Rio Del Mar so down the road we go I kept asking Debbie the navigator what road Del Mar Rio after a few times me not saying it right Debbie says very plain and almost spelling the exit RIO DEL MAR and we all started laughing I think I had pushed her patience to where she was explaining to a 5 year old.  We did find the beach and took our picture for Rita who we have a joke with about feet in the ocean.  The picture will show shoes to darn cold in California Ocean.

We headed home a different route as traffic on Friday nights is not so good.  We came home by CasaDeFruta on Hwy 152 which has been famous for years to travelers on that road.  We pulled up and parked right in front and went in.  Of course we bought stuff, Carmel apples, popcorn, dried fruit, you name it they got it.

When we returned to the car I was standing in front when a gentleman gets out of his car.  He walks right up to me, says hello and hugs me.  I’m like who is this guy.  He had a Vietnam veteran shirt on and I’m thinking did we give him a quilt and I didn’t remember.  He then says, “I want to thank you for what you do.  I heard about you.”  We keep him talking and his wife is with him.  I tell Flo to get one of the extra quilts in the car.  She brings it out and we present it to him.  He starts to cry and says, “I didn’t expect this.”  His wife, her mouth fell open.  She is taking pictures as we get his information on the back of the quilt.  He then says, “Let me give you a donation.”  We said we don’t do it for that and he hands Diana $50.00.  I told him this was his welcome home and he replied that no one welcomed him home.  I told him we just did.  The wife said we had made his year.  Flo told me, as we were getting in the car, “that you always know when to honor them.  I said I’m just a little on the crazy side.”

We headed home and we all said what a perfect day.  We had beautiful weather and we had quite a mission.  We were home almost the same hour we started 12 hours later.  Today, Lou, my Veteran brother and Larry, both Vietnam veterans, presented 5 quilts in Stockton to veterans who had been homeless and were going to their own place and job.  We were proud we could honor so many veterans, especially during this holiday season.

Looking forward to seeing some of our volunteers on Tuesday for Open House.  Stay well and keep quilting.

God bless


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Nebraska Is Special

We had a very good time even with snow and 27 degrees.  We spent Sunday seeing a few things we wanted to see around Elgin, Nebraska.  We first went to Percy’s, our cousin, to see the farm.  He and his son, Ray, farm soy beans and corn.  We took a picture of the Ranger hot rod Percy (90 years young) rides around the farm.  I would love one of those, so would Rue.  Then off to the farm shop.  Lordy, those John Deere Tractors were huge.  Flo stood next to one and she looked like a midget.  Connie, my cousin, and Flo decided to get in one.  I wish I would have taken a video of them trying to get up the steps into it.  I almost had to shove Flo up from the behind.  They finally made it and you can see the picture of them both.  I think it was their bucket list.  They had two old tractors from day one that used to run on propane  There was some pretty cool old stuff in that shop.  It’s a good thing we weren’t driving home to California.  They heated the shop with some special heater that used oil.  When neighbors changed oil in their cars, they gave to the shop – pretty smart.  We especially thought the bottle of black velvet kept the workers going in the shop.  We walked around the property and saw an old Ford truck, old as the hills, and the one barn was really Percy’s old schoolhouse he relocated to his property.  Rue ran around in the snow as she was a little more used to it.  Lots of memories there.

We stopped at the cemetery to see those who have went before us and I loved that they had a windmill and flag standing right in center.  We left Percy’s, said goodbye to cousin Connie and went to cousin Ray’s to see his farm two miles down the road.  Ray had the oldest barn and so cool looking.  Peggy, his wife, had 5 miniature donkeys so of course we had to check them out and the barn cat that was playing on the hay stack.  It was so great to spend some time with cousins and reconnect.  They were all so gracious to us.  Everywhere in Nebraska people are like that.  All the guys opened the doors for us at different stores and everyone said good morning just like America used to be.

We then decided to head to see our friend, Deb, who works in Aurora, Nebraska t the Edgerton Explorit Center.  That place was amazing.  It is a science center for kids and had so many things for them to do.  They bring buses of school kids and teach them about science.  Deb started a program about birds and has three she takes to schools and shows them.  We got to go in the cages and see the birds up close.  We even petted the screech owl and the feathers were so soft.  The Swanson Hawk was so cool and dignified.  Deb is very brave to have tamed them.  They have broken wings and can’t be out on their own now.  We also stood in front of that Ferris wheel that Joe built in a week.  I would have been insane in a day with all those parts.  We highly recommend, if you are ever in this area of Nebraska, you go to this special place.  We decided to have lunch with Deb so she too us to Runza, only in Nebraska, to eat and you know they eat chili with cinnamon rolls – I know sounds weird.  We ate a Runza – it was hamburger, cabbage and cheese in a special bread – was pretty good.

So, what a day and then we drove back to Omaha for our flight out.  Did you know speed limit on HWY 80 was 75 mph?  That was fun in windy Nebraska.  We will be back in the spring to meet our Nebraska Chapter and yes, we found more deserving veterans.  So another great adventure.

We are on our flight home hoping the storm in California hasn’t done any damage.  Stay tuned for what’s up next . . . . . . . . . .

God’s blessings


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Some people were asking why were we going to Nebraska – nothing there and it is cold.  Well, Nebraska has been in our family roots for many years.  My mom was born here.  We often came here for vacations while growing up.  We have family here for many years, now mostly cousins.  Mom’s cousins came for her birthday in August 2021 and Percy came so they told us to come to his 90th birthday so, since we knew it would be hard for mom and dad and we wanted to send someone from the family, Flo and I volunteered.  I also wanted to present Alan his quilt.

Now the funny part, I asked our Nebraska family what the weather would be like.  They said not to worry, it doesn’t snow that early.  We landed in Omaha at 4:45pm on Friday evening.  It was mighty cold!  After we checked into our hotel, we went for dinner at the Old Mattress Bar and Grill to get a bite.  Boy, we had ½ a hamburger, the absolute best, and we came out to the car and snow was falling.  We woke up to snow pretty much everywhere.  Flo had never been in snow and Rue not so much.  Rue was like what is this I have to pee in?  I let Flo scrape the window off and then walking in the ice was real fun.

We drove 3 hours to Elgin, Nebraska for a party and thank god for All Wheel Drive.  Some of the backroads they don’t plow.  We saw this awesome barn with a quilt block on it but we couldn’t stop.  I told Flo I didn’t think I should do a U-turn in the snow – it might not be good.

Snow is still here.  It didn’t melt like they all said.  We are staying in a place called one-stop-shop.  It has food, gas, and hotel.  We had to sign our life away to get a room and we are the only ones staying here.  The first room heater didn’t work so they moved us.  The second room we took a bath/shower at the same time as the tub wouldn’t drain.  I took Rue out for bathroom and she did her duty, turned around and ran to the door and shoved it open, she was so cold.  I had to laugh at her.

We have had some adventures.  We met great people and celebrated Percy and got to award a quilt.  We even ran into a lady who we had given a quilt to her dad in 2015.  We mailed to Lincoln, Nebraska.  She said that was the most treasured gift he ever received.  He now has passed and the quilt went to his grandson who is an Army Green Beret.  The lady was raised in Elgin, Nebraska and was just passing through this weekend, brought her mother-in-law to the party, found out about us, and just wanted to meet us.  Everywhere we go we are Quilts of Honor even though we came for family.  These quilts are all over the United States and so amazing to hear stories of the quilts.

We will tour a little tomorrow and head back to Omaha to catch our plane out Monday morning.

Love to our Nebraska family.

God’s blessings


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Thanksgiving and a Veteran

Well, by now you are all stuffed with turkey and happy Thanksgiving has ended.  I know many of us enjoyed our families who haven’t been together in 2 years.

Quilts of Honor ended our weekend with an adventure to Folsom, CA to honor a special veteran.  We arrived in Folsom early and met our other QOH crew and family, Becky and Lewie who were attending the event with us.  We all decided to go outside the box and eat at the Noodle Company.  The four of us were like kids.  Took us forever to pick what we wanted to eat.  We all felt intimidated not knowing what half the stuff was – we all got something different.  Then came the drink decision.  Lordy, it was one of these fancy machines that gave you like 25 different drinks.  We couldn’t even figure how to get water out of the darn think.  Becky and I were laughing, we felt so dumb.  You just can’t take the old folks out for dinner at these fancy fast food places.  We did enjoy the food so now we will stop when we see the Noodle Company.

We finished dinner and headed to the Harris Center, a big event center on top of the hill in Folsom CA.  Doors open at 6pm and we got there early.  We had to show vaccination cards and wear masks full time.  We were o ask for Connie and Chuck when we arrived as they had special instructions on when and how much time I had to award the quilt.

The place was packed but I had Rue and we seem to always make friends when she is with me.  They came and told us they would take us back before they opened the doors as there was a full house and they needed us close to the stage.  We were like we were, one leading us in front and another walking in the back.  They took us through so many people into a quiet room, told us to sit right here until they came to get us.  That was so nice as it was so noisy out in the lobby.  Then boom, they took us down a long hall back of the stage to these 5 chairs not 15 feet on front of the stage.  We all looked at each like man, we felt like celebrities sitting up there watching all the people come in.  We were told it was a full house, 800 plus.  First time in two years but they came for Brian.  It is a beautiful place and that flag on the front stage was awesome.  There were many veterans but we were there for one, Brian Shul, an Air Force Veteran.  Brian, a retired veteran, was a pilot who was shot down over Vietnam.  He was wounded and burned in the plane.  He survived and the Special Forces saved him.  They never expected him to live let alone be able to stay in the Air Force and fly the SR71 Blackbird also called the spy plane.  Brian now tours the world speaking about his life and the SR71.  He is a great speaker and we were there to surprise him with a quilt.  They had warned me that I would have two minutes to do this.  Now, most of you know me and 2 minutes but I said to myself that I had to do something that would make them remember Quilts of Honor as this was a fundraiser.

So we listened to Brian tell his story and he kept telling us he would have 10 seconds and that he used it often.  We had decided Flo would take pictures, Becky would take care of Rue and Lewie would do video.  I was taken back stage and warned again.  We are honored you are doing this but remember 2 minutes.  You know I never really know what I will say.  I swear the guy back stage liked to shove me through the door.  They handed me the mic and I said, “Brian you have 10 seconds.”  Everyone started laughing.  He pulled his quilt out and he loves eagles which we didn’t know.  Flo had put a Purple Heart on it also.  I could see he was taken.  He had said many things about the Navy, teasing about them and I said, “Brian, I get it about the Navy too as I’m Army.”  He loved it.  We were very honored to be able to honor Brian.  He’s so deserving.  He has been through so much.

There are so many hero’s out there and we hope we can keep reaching out to them.  I will mention that most recently we have received Quilt Request for over 300 – little overwhelming to say the least.  They are from all over the United States.  We will be mailing them.  So, we are asking for your help.  Please keep the sizes minimum 50” x 60” and no bigger than 55” x 65”.  If you know any longarmers, we could use the help.  We can always use helpers.  To those of you who have kept us going these past two years, THANK YOU so, so much.  This was a great ending on Thanksgiving weekend.

Many blessings as we start into the Christmas season,


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Veterans Week – DC

How do you sum up a trip like this with so many Firsts.  It wasn’t just the firsts of some very special moments; it is hard to believe we were a part of history.  When we laid our roses on the Tomb we were dressed in our Quilts of Honor shirts and we honored for all of our Quilts of Honor family who weren’t with us.  To see those roses laid upon the Tomb – we heard 10,000 people had that honor.

The Tomb represents so much to our country and to all veterans. The Sentinels have a bond that is never broken.  It is heartwarming to see them together and the pride they have.  If we could bring that back to this country, it would be awesome.

I was honored to be able to play Taps again at Arlington and have the history of Taps be everywhere so people could see the honor that Buglers give when they play it.  I was also honored to play Taps for the Taps for Veterans Salute at 11:00 am on Veterans Day from the porch of Jeannine and Carl’s house.  Next May 2022, we will have been going to their mansion for 10 years – that is such a gift.  They never care how many I bring with me.  We were spoiled by Jeannine all week.  Too bad Carl was off doing his nonprofit work.  We even got apple crisp for breakfast before we left for the airport.

We gave out some very deserving quilts that we won’t forget.  Sometimes those are the ones you weren’t planning but are the best.  We made more contacts and friends.

The pictures are from the airplane as we left.  We could see the Monuments from above the trees that were changing colors all week.

Thank you to all who watch our adventures.

God’s Blessings

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We began our day at “O-dark-thirty” and drove to Ft. Myer.  We had to get a pass and this time they took our picture.  Debbie had hers and they took mine.  We both looked like criminals.  We drove through the Base to the back gate of Arlington so we could get to the Sentinel Tomb.  There was at least 6 roads closed.  I did more than enough U-turns and we finally got there by me going the wrong way to a handicap parking place.  We went to the Dayroom of the Sentinels, met Carla, and the room was full.  Carla got Lt. Katz to come out and he was still dressing for his walk.  We presented his quilt and you could see he was proud.  He kept saying thank you.  We all then went outside and onto the steps of the Tomb.

We had worn our raincoats and we were thankful for that because it came down pretty good.  Lt. Katz, his mom and dad, had no raincoats.  It was a very moving ceremony.  Lt. Katz laid a rose at each Tomb you will see in the pictures.  When his walk was complete, we heard taps then we went into the Chapel Tomb Sentinel Museum.  This was the first time for us to go into the Tomb Museum.  It is used for their promotion ceremonies and for dignitaries to visit so we felt pretty special and we had all these Sentinel Guards standing all over the place.  We got to see our Quilt which is temporarily put in the glass case.

Carla introduced us to so many people.  I got to stand by the Bugle that was played in 1921.  When we left there we took Carla back to her worksite.  We were driving through the cemetery, got to the back gate, and there stands the US Army Band called ”Pershings Own”.  The guard tells me that it might be a while as they were going to play for a funeral.  I said, “Ma’am, I am an Army Band veteran so I will enjoy this.”  We opened the windows, turned our videos on and I loved it.  We were given a special treat.  We decided to head back to the mansion and get our box ready to ship.  So we headed to Annapolis to have lunch and look around.  We didn’t have much time but we did enjoy it.  We got back in time to have apple crisp that Jeannine made.  We are going to miss being spoiled.

We fly out in the morning.  This has been another trip of a lifetime.  It will inspire us to design and quilt more after all that we have seen this week.  Quilts of Honor is very much loved here.  We will be back next summer.

Thank you to all at home who took care of the folks and our dogs and held the shop together.  Love you all.

God’s blessings,

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Veterans Day in DC

Today was Veterans Day in a different city than Quilts of Honor is used to – What a Day!

We got to start our day with Jeannine cooking us a Dutch Baby, it was yummy.  We than began getting our quilts ready.  It took all four of us – we looked like a sewing factory.  I even got Debbie to sew on labels and Jeannine quality controlling the quilts.  Flo was organizing, so what a crew.  We broke at 11:00am so I could play taps for the Tribute for Taps for Veterans on the front porch of the mansion.  That was pretty cool.  Then we had lunch – check it out in the picture.  I got spoiled today as it was Veterans Day.

We got dressed for our event with Uniting Us at the Honfleur Gallery.  Parking was a trip around and around and around the block and finally we got right in front with AnnMarie throwing her body in front of the space.  It was a great show and the work our veterans are doing is amazing.

We began the show and AnnMarie (United Us) gave us first up.  We gave our first quilt to a Marine who was a piano player at one time in a band.  He stayed late not knowing why but after he got his quilt he said it was so worth it.  The next two quilts were to a father, Vietnam veteran and his son, Operation Enduring Freedom veteran.  Both were surprised by their quilts.  Then came Sue, a Navy veteran who cred and said she was going to shoot her friend who had got her there but she was so honored.  Then came April, my Army sister who I had the pleasure of doing my story with in August.  I loved how surprised she was and that quilt was made for her.  I got a big hug, too.  The last was a Vietnam veteran who ran the Gallery.  He was so chocked up.  He said we can come back next year right here and do a show in the Gallery.  I got a hug from him, too.

So, what a night.  If the color isn’t right on the quilt pictures it is because they had red lighting.

We enjoyed our evening and had a great time at the event.  We met a few of the ladies we had given quilts to in August and they all were thanking us and telling us how much they loved their quilts.  We ended our evening at Union Street Grill for dinner and Pop’s Ice Cream and yes, Ginny, 3 times this week but it was veterans’ week.

Jan posted my taps on FaceBook to all my veteran brothers and sisters – we never forget you.

Stay tuned . . . . . . . .

God’s blessings,



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We enjoyed going to Colonial Williamsburg today.  It is so different from anything we have seen.  We got to see a musket fired – that was exciting.  We walked the streets but it was huge and we couldn’t see it all.  The walkways were cobbled bricks which made it hard on our legs walking.  It was so beautiful.  The trees were turning colors and it was 70 degrees and you all were having rain and cold.

We left the colonial area and stopped at the biggest outlet mall we had ever seen.  We had to wear masks in most stores unless you were vaccinated.  So we often had our masks hanging around our arms in case we needed them.  We were in the Columbia store when we asked Flo where her mask was.  She said she had it when she came in so Debbie and I started tracing everywhere Flo had been.  If you have ever been shopping with Flo, that means all over the store.  We couldn’t find the mask anywhere and Deb remembered that Flo had been trying on jackets so Deb digs in the sleeve and there was the mask.  Flo says, “Oh no, now I am going to make the blog.”  I said, “Yup.”  Flo does keep us laughing.

We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch/dinner and you can see the Pot Pie Debbie had – it was huge.  Cracker Barrel never lets us down.

We stopped in Fredericksburg to see the old town, walked a little, and then headed home back to Alexandria.  We did do a drive-by to pick up Alexandria cupcakes.  The streets were so busy that I had to drop Debbie and Flo off to get the cupcakes and drive around the block.  When I came back around to pick them up they said an old man had been trying to pick them up.  They were cracking up.

We had a great day.  We are tired but much to do the next couple of days.  Happy Veterans Day 11Nov2021 to all my brothers and sisters.

Stay tuned . . . . .. . .

God’s blessings,

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One Day of History

We began our morning early again but so excited to be a part of history.  Jeannine, Debbie, Flo and myself drove to Arlington National Cemetery.  We got there to a line of cars being checked through Security.  We got through the gates okay thanks to Jeannine’s pass.  We drove by Jack Kuhl’s grave (Jeannine’s father) as we drove up to the backside of Arlington trying to find a parking place so we didn’t have to walk miles.  There were cars and cops everywhere.  There were so many roads that had been blocked off.  We ended up parking ½ mile from the Tomb.  We had to walk down and up the hill finally reaching the Tomb.

When we got there the line was about half way from the Tomb.  We could hear drums beating from the center of the Amphitheater but we weren’t allowed near it.  We just followed the line until we reached the tents.  There were piles of roses under the tents and the volunteer told us over 40,000 roses were there for the tickets that were eligible to lay the roses.  No one really told us what to do but there was no noise anywhere as part of paying respect to the Unknown at the Tomb is no noise.

Right when we got to the front of the line I see SSG Silva, Sentinel Guard, off to my right.  I wave at him and he comes over.  I asked if he remembered us, QOH, and he said yes, of course.  I asked if he would take our pictures.  “Sure, and I’ll meet you on the other side as you come out.”  We decided to stay together and lay the roses all at once. You would have thought we had rehearsed it.  It was so special and we were all by ourselves up there.  Flo said she looked for the Tomb from Vietnam to lay her rose because of Johnnie but she saw the WWII dates and it reminded her of her dad.  Debbie said it reminded her of what her dad went through but she felt so honored that she started to cry.  Myself, I saluted like every other veteran that got to stand in front of that Tomb.  I knew we were a part of history and every time I think about it my heart hurts but in a good way.  This was the first time in 96 years that private citizens could do this and it will never be done again in our lifetime.  The honor was beyond amazing.

We left there and Debbie and I walked to get the car so that Jeannine and Flo wouldn’t have to walk so far.  When Debbie and I were walking among the graves at Arlington, it felt so sacred and I told her you know we have a lot of angels watching over us to be able to do what we just did – met the SSG at the right time, find a parking place, and as we often say, a God Thing.

So what a day but that wasn’t the end.  We decided to take some time off and drive to Williamsburg, VA and spend the night.  We started driving down the backroads of Virginia and came up to an old deserted church.  I did a half turn to get a picture and the no trespassing sign didn’t stop me.  Then we saw a barn and made a U-turn to get a picture for Mom.  We really were working our way and then see a sign, Belmont Distillery.  Guess what – detour down a dirt road and it was a whisky and moonshine distillery.  We walk in as I am excited it is my last name, and here stands an Air Force veteran working behind the counter.  In came a VIP tour and Dave, our veteran, took them into the distillery.  We asked Cheryl, who also worked there, if we could interrupt him because we wanted to honor him.  She said sure, so out to the car we go to pick a quilt.  We came back in and walked right into the back room in front of the distillery and presented him with a quilt.  The group was really shocked.  Dave was, too, but he gave me a hug and I knew it really reached his soul.  I could see it in his eyes.  He was also born and raised in California – small world.

We left there even feeling better having presented a quilt at Belmont Farms.  We did reach Williamsburg late afternoon, had a good dinner, and will be a tourist tomorrow.  But, what a day.

The colors were even better today but I didn’t want to bore you with more color pictures.  The weather yesterday and today has been beautiful.  I thank God for this special day and for all of you at home holding down the fort.

What a history making day in Arlington at the Tomb.  What an honor.

Stay tuned . . . . . . .

God’s blessings,

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